Who we are is a young company from the French public research in computer science (Inria research center of Nancy - Grand Est).

Our goal is to make available to all organizations the best of science and technology resulting from computer security research.

The news of digital breaches show us the increasing impact of IT insecurity for organizations: destabilized states, fired directors, companies in difficulty, etc. The traditional digital data protection means are failing, and new solutions must be found.

Our first products are :

  • A distributed digital escrow system for digital confidential informations.
  • A web transfer and storage encryption server software for organizations.
  • A SDK allowing to use our technologies to secure any web application natively through encryption.

Direction team

Bertrand Wallrich

Bertrand Wallrich, one of the creators of, was in charge of the Security of the Computer Systems of Inria, then technical director of the Laboratory of High Security of the Loria in Nancy. As a CISO, he was faced with the challenge of ensuring a high level of security for an audience of researchers accustomed to a wide-ranging information openness.

Once at the High Security Laboratory, he was able to work on some of the tools he needed on a daily basis. The proximity with teams of elite researchers allowed him to work on solutions using state-of-the-art research on cryptography and protocol security. was born from the desire to share with the greatest number these innovations.

Bertrand Wallrich
Chief Scientific Officer

Arnaud Laprévote

An engineer at ENSMM and ENSERG, he worked at the beginning of his career at the University of Darmstadt, then at the research centers of TéléDiffusion de France and Thomson Multimedia. In 1996, he created Free & ALter Soft (the first open source service company created in France), which became Linbox FAS in 2001 (open source software publisher for infrastructure software).

Linbox FAS was bought by Mandriva in 2007. He then took over for three years all Mandriva research projects. He leaded Mandriva between March 2010 and June 2011. He then left Mandriva for Kalis and then Oxalya (bought by OVH). He joined Inria in 2014 as developer of Partnerships and Intellectual Property in Nancy.

Arnaud Laprévote