Why a new transfer solution

Lybero.net Transfer is a solution for encrypted sharing and storage of information.

You have 30 seconds to transmit or receive a confidential file. You can not install any software on your computer or the one of your interlocutor. Security must be absolute. Lybero.net Transfer allows this exchange and this secure sharing of information. We crypt all files and data directly in the web browser before they leave it.

Lybero.net Transferis ideal for exchanging passport scans, ID scans, financial documents, legal documents, health related documents or any other confidential files.

Lybero.net Transfer may be used directly on-line via our service,via one of our partners (for example, E-Serenity) or by installing our software on one of your servers. You then benefit from your own file transfer service, integrated in your infrastructure.


Simple to use thanks to Lybero.net Transfer

No software or plugin installation

All operations are done in your web browser and in the web browser of your interlocutor without setting up any software or plugin.

No password exchange

Each user has a password that protects its cryptographic key. This password is never passed on to third parties.

No account for a sender

No account (login, password) for the sender of files. You send him a link and the files are encrypted for you.

Web browser version

Compatible wth IE >=10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari


The highest level of security


El Gamal 2048 and AES256 end-to-end encryption. The intermediate storages are encrypted, the communications are encrypted. Encryption keys are themselves encrypted in AES256 with your password as passphrase.

End to end cryptography

Each byte of files that leaves the browser is encrypted.

Unique AES key for each file repository

Single AES key for each file repository encrypted by the public keys of people with access.

Recovery by quorum group

Recovery by acceptance by a quorum in a group of administrators is possible.

Cryptographic separation

The members of the quorum do not have access to the information but their allowance is mandatory (cryptographicaly enforced). There is a strict separation between the allowance of access and the access itself. Thanks to a commutative double encryption, the members of the quorum can never access to decrypted files.

For organisations

A fully controled file transfer and storage service

Saas or on premise

Access to the service thanks to a Sass partner, or on your server(s).


Standalone or integrated with your solution.

UI, API or command line

Integrate native end-to-end encryption in your web applications.

Scale up

The application scales from 10 to 1 million users.

Administrative statistics

Number of users, of repositories, storage size, all statistics are available.

Privacy and security by design

A software essential to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the operation of Lybero.net Transfer, you can consult the user manual.

You can also use the service directly (no retention of file repositories longer than one month) on https://transfer.lybero.net. To register, you can go directly to https://transfer.lybero.net/signup.