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SDK Lybcrypt

Native encryption of your data directly in your web applications.

Secure your exchanges with CryptnDrive

Secure your web applications with SDK Lybcrypt

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Our mission


To protect your sensitive data in and out of organization as simply as possible: no software, easy management, a secure end-to-end encryption solution.


No software

Share with any user

Without constraints


Recovery and control of exchanges with the mandatory validation of several administrators


End-to-end encryption Elgamal 2048 and AES256

No administrator has access to the data

Our products are developed to respect the principles of privacy and security by design and to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security thanks to encryption

Unlike many other solutions, Lybero.net encrypts your data before they arrive on the server.

How do we proceed?

Our products use the encryption (AES 256 and Elgamal 2048) to encrypt data. We create a public key and a private key for each user. The public key encrypts the data and the private key decrypts the data

Depending on our products, data encryption works:

  • natively through a javascript library, with SDK Lybcrypt
  • or via the web browser when you drop your data in CryptnDrive

End-to-end encryption

Data are encrypted at the beginning, in your computer with your public key. The encrypted data are forwarded to the server, your ISP, a database and in the end to the recipient.
Only authorized people will be able to decrypt the shared data.


Do you control the access to your confidential data?

Do you exchange sensitive data safely?

are your confidential data safe?

Do you know who can access your sensitive data?

And yet you send confidential data daily without protection ...

The solution? ... Lybero.net products!

specially developed for the financial and health sectors.
Designed for SMEs and public authorities.

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Lybero.net’s mission

Lybero.net’s mission

DONNER THE SECURITY OF THE DATA TO ALL ORGANISATIONS IN THE GREAT SIMPLICITy Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing concern for organizations. With assets scanning at V-speed, it is becoming increasingly tempting and profitable for hackers to try to attack businesses or...

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Use cases


Transfer, store and share your confidential data with a high level of security.


Transfer, store and share personal health data.

Public sector

Secure data exchanges between public organizations by guaranteeing an easy use


The easiest way to encrypt, store and share confidential data.

They trust us

“There are many tools to secure data. However, when a product offers a high level of security and is not easy to use, we will not use it

What I like about CryptnDrive is its ergonomics and ease of use.”

Executive Department of Industrial Transfer and Partnerships


“I have an obligation of professional confidentiality. It bothers me to exchange data with emails. In existing solutions, there is the problem of providing safe access and maintaining the confidentiality.
I’ve been looking for something simpler than gpg for file transfer for years and I’ve finally found it, it’s CryptnDrive.”
Yves Brungard - Industrial Protection Cabinet


“It’s a pleasure to work in partnership with Lybero. Their expertise and responsiveness have enabled us to solve many of our security needs. We are pleased with the results of this partnership.”


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