CO-DESIGN AND A BANK is part of the first promotion of the #LePlateauLUX. What’s that? I asked Laurent Marochini, the head of Societe Generale’s #LePlateauLUX, to tell me more.

AL – How do you say #LePlateauLUX?

LM – SGBT: We say the lux tray, but we write #LePlateauLUX with LUX by exhibiting.

AL – What is #LePlateauLUX?

LM – SGBT: This is an innovation lab from Societe Generale Bank and Trust (SGBT), the Luxembourg subsidiary of the Societe Generale Group, whose aim is to host startups linked to our business challenges.

AL – What are these business challenges?

LM – SGBT: It depends on the banking business. We can talk about a solution to automate, security solutions, but also solutions to obtain a competitive advantage: for example artificial intelligence to better exploit our data.

AL – Where did the idea of #LePlateauLUX come from?

LM – SGBT: Three years ago, a Culture and Conduct program was created, people are being asked for solutions to improve daily life.

In this context, the idea of an innovation centre has emerged.

With the support of our management, we got to work.

We have assembled a team by integrating the different professions (Business, communication, purchasing, general services to create the place).

AL – What about coordination with #LePlateau in Paris?

LM – SGBT: In those first 6 – 9 months, you had to find a name. Very logically, we stopped on #LePlateauLUX given our roots in the Group, and in particular innovation center in Paris which is called #LePlateau. We had the ambition to strengthen the Group’s global network of innovation centres and the name allows us to demonstrate the link to this network and to establish internal visibility.

AL – Who are the people of PlateauLUX?

LM – SGBT: There are 3 people very present, but this is for all the staff of Societe Generale. Anyone can come.

Amandine Guerrier is the host of the place. It ensures the proper functioning of the center (communicating, meeting startups, animate, coordinate the use of the place).

Philippe Pasquali, SGBT’s Chief Digital Officer, is the executive sponsor of the management. It is there to challenge from a digital point of view and business the different solutions.

And Laurent Marochini, myself, head of the innovation centre. My role is to accelerate digital transformation, develop the level of technological competence of employees, improve the Group’s brand image and be present in the ecosystem.

But it’s everyone’s lab, and a lot of people help us: communication, transformation team, procurement, legal and operations. A lot of people come to see us.

AL – Are there priority topics?

LM – SGBT: Anything that contributes to our goals. But we focus on anything that can bring maximum value: AI, cybersecurity, … But if there is a big business issue, the solution will be showcased in the innovation centre.

AL – Can you tell us about the first promotion?

LM – SGBT: 3 startups have been hosted:

Tale of data: they publish a data preparation and exploration application to prepare manual use, make reconciliations, and especially the automated use of data in big data or learning applications. Their tool has a lot of use. For example, in a database with millions of records, it allows to normalize all data (e.g. addresses or phone numbers), to quickly find almost identical duplicates …

Myrtea Metrics: Myrtea Metrics offers tools to automate complex tasks in complex but repetitive processes. For example, at a project follow-up meeting, the project manager knows that he regularly has to send stimulus emails to get the necessary indicators. The tool will automatically offer the email to the project manager, or a set of emails, which the project manager can choose. In addition, the tool learns, it refines the proposals for action as it is used. continue to browse this site to find out who we are.

These are 3 quality startups. We have to be able to get the trades even better. We’ve been effective in selection, we need to be even more efficient on transformation. We work with all stakeholders (IT, purchasing, business, …). It is also necessary to plan budgets upstream and anticipate integration problems. We learn every day. We learn in human terms, process, technology.

AL – What about working with

LM – SGBT: The team is convinced of the value of the solution. The Risc, Private Banking, Private Equity teams were involved and understood the value of the tool. Now we have to make the leap. We were able to explain the needs of the different trades in detail so that all the constraints (functional and security) were integrated into the tool. We got along very well.

Gilles Dumont (Myrtea Metrics), Amandine Guerrier (SG), Stéphane Hugot (Myrtea Metrics), Thierry Elkaim (Tale of Data), Philippe Pasquali (SG), Jean-Christophe Bouramoue (Tale of Data), ahead of Arnaud Laprévote (


Laurent Marochini and Amandine Guerrier of Societe Generale