Cybersecurity is an ever-increasing concern for organizations. With assets scanning at V-speed, it is becoming increasingly tempting and profitable for hackers to try to attack businesses or individuals. The threat is both internal and external.

Too often we hear from companies experiencing considerable difficulties after cyberattacks. Read the following article on NotPetya: The untold Story of Notpetya. He’s not going to reassure you. When the digital survival of a multinational company lies in a server not connected to the network in Ghana because of an electrical failure, one may be afraid. This is a particularly spectacular case, but on a smaller scale, it is common to hear of a company that is the victim of a data leak or malware and then encounters significant economic difficulties: digital damage can be the stitof that makes a fragile company tip over.

Technologies and algorithms for data protection and identification by encryption exist: the RSA encryption algorithm was described in 1977, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange in 1976, the ECDSA encryption algorithm dates from 1992, AES date 2000, … and these technologies are used every day through https, smart card payment, encrypted partition decryption, and various mobile messaging applications.

However, at the same time, the exchange of confidential files remains a headache even between large organizations, within the state services, between a doctor and his patient, between an accountant or a lawyer and his clients. And who individually protects files on their computer? These shortcomings are not woefully so insignificant as that. Recent massive ransomware attacks have been possible by offering to open an invoice from a known company (for example Free or another provider). These emails had the perfect look of authenticity, but in fact they didn’t come from Free.

In short, we have many technological means of data protection, but organizations use them little. Our mission at is to bring security to the simplest organizations in the world. The best security and ease of use, deployment, management and control are our promises. You’ll tell us if we keep our promises.

Arnaud Laprévote, October 16, 2018